Michel Mercier

Michel Mercier's first photographed hair design occurred when he was only a teenager in 8th grade.  On the day of their annual school photographs, all of his friends from school turned to him, having already recognized his unique talent then, and he was happy to design the hairstyles of both the boys and the girls, from blow drying to cutting.

At a young age, Michel already knew he had a great love for the world of hair styling, and therefore it was natural for him to decide on studies towards becoming a professional in the field, despite his parents having preferred that he study at the Academy.  After he completed his studies at the Vidal Sasson Academy of Hair Design, he studied with Claude Maxime Mondial in Paris, worked with hair designer Jean Louis David and joined the department of artistic design at Vidal Sassons's Academy in London, where he began promoting innovative hairstyles.  Michel's career path was constructed with the clear objective of becoming a professional in the field from all aspects, from the roots of the hair to the hidden desires of each client.

 In 1985, Michel integrated into the field of Israeli hair design and opened the first independent hair salon that bears his name.

During his 34 years of work in hair design, Michel expanded his activities in a variety of categories in the world of hair, where his primary objective was to create better solutions to his clients' needs.  His diverse activities included the establishment of a chain of hair salons bearing his name and a school for the study and training of professional hair designers, the development and marketing of a series of successful hair care products, innovative solutions he has conceived and developed, some of which have been registered as patents and are marketed across the globe – such as the detangling hairbrush – public activities to promote the realm of hair design, participation in fashion shows, beauty competitions, television programs, designing the hair of famous celebrities and more.  Michel continues to work two days a week at his hair salon in Tel Aviv, which serves as the flagship branch of the Michel Mercier chain.  There, he designs the hair of Israeli women and maintains a direct and personal contact with his clients – a contact that enables him to continue to grant them the best and most innovative solutions for their hair.


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